Guidelines & Policies

At Ballet America, we feel that it is important that every child feels seen and cared for so that they can flourish, not just in dance, but in life. Therefore, classes are kept intentionally small to ensure that each child gets hands-on, individual attention. Consequently, monthly payments are necessary to maintain the class sizes. Tuition is not based on the amount of classes you are able to attend on a particular month, but rather the amount of classes your child's place has been held in during the 6 month seasonal period.

  • The monthly tuition must be processed on the first lesson of each month. It is also possible to pay in full for all six months, if preferred.
  • Tuition payments are non-refundable.
  • Missed lessons will not be applied to the next month's tuition
  • Reminder texts/emails will be sent if tuition is 5 days overdue. At 10 days overdue the student may not take class.

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