Schedule & Descriptions


Beginner Ballet



Beginner Ballet


Advanced Ballet



Ballet Fitness


Private Lessons can be arranged upon request.

Class Descriptions

Classical Ballet


Structured to be welcoming for beginners and still engaging for intermediate/advanced dancers. Recommended for dancers with less than 2 years experience.


For dancers with several years of training. Class is designed to be challenging and engaging, while still feeling enjoyable.

Ballet Fitness

For all levels. Class is a mixture of cardio, stretching and muscle strengthening to help aid in strength and mobility in both ballet class and regular life. Any clothing is acceptable. A yoga mat or towel is required.

Payment & Booking

All payment can be done via Paypal, cash, or IBAN upon request.

Drop-in Lesson                 


Class Pass

Class Passes are discounts on lessons when bought in bulk.
Pay in advance and use your pass for 5, 10, or 20 classes.
Class Passes will be valid for 3 months from the purchase date.

5 Class Pass

€65 (€13 per class)

10 Class Pass

€120 (€12 per class)

20 Class Pass

€200 (€10 per class)

How to Book

Booking must be done through balletamerica.setmore

Classes are kept small to ensure that each student has space and feels comfortable. Thus booking ahead of time is necessary and cancelling last minute can keep others from being able to attend.

Please be courteous in this regard.

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