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What is the dress code?

For Ballet

Girls should wear a leotard (light pink or black), tights, and pink or white ballet shoes. Ballet skirt is optional.

Boys should wear well-fit shorts or leggings, a well-fit top, and white or black ballet shoes.

Long hair should be up in a bun, short hair should be tied back from the face and pinned away.

For Jazz

Both genders have a lot more freedom and can wear any comfortable, tight, stretchy clothing. Hair can be in a ponytail. Jazz shoes are recommended 


How to do a bun

Ballet Shoes

ODETTE Dance Store in Rome

Will there be a recital?

There will be two performances per year in the studio so that the children can display their skills and hone their performance ability. One performance will be held at the end of the spring season, and the other at the end of the winter season.

Can I stay and watch the whole class?

Unfortunately, no. Children, especially young children, focus much better when their parents are not watching them in class. If you want, during the last five minute of class you're free to sneak in and watch your child finish up their lesson. We will, however, have parent observation classes! We will arrange a day once a season during which you are welcome to come into the studio and watch the entirety of your child's lesson!

I am interested in my child attending. May I come and observe?

I am happy to hear that! You are free to arrange a day where you can come in and observe with your child for the first 15 minutes of class. For the sake of the students' concentration and focus it is best to limit the observation to only 15 minutes, so that they can enjoy their class to the fullest.

May my child try the lesson and see if they like it before we commit?

Provided there is a class that has not yet been filled, your child can attend for a one time drop-in rate before you commit to the full months tuition.

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