About our School

Founded in 2022, Ballet America is a studio where you can expect quality training in any lesson. Dedication is given to ensuring that each individual is pushed to be their best, and that they will feel supported and cared for on their journey there. The community at Ballet America is multi-cultural and diverse, creating a studio environment in which everyone can feel welcome and celebrated.


Meet the Owner & Director

Sara Veronica Predebon

Sara grew up in South Florida and has been studying dance since the age of 4. She has 10 years of professional dancing experience and 15 years of teaching experience. During her time as a student Sara trained in many styles including: Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Contemporary. At this time, Sara studied classical ballet primarily following the Vaganova method and Modern following the Horton method.

As a student, Sara was lucky enough to be an assistant teacher from the ages of 13-16. In doing this, she was guided by professionals in the field of dance in how to conduct a classical ballet class, how to encourage and engage students and how to use her skills as a dancer to help aid in the education of others. She quickly learned that teaching was as exciting and fulfilling for her as dancing.

From the age of 17, while finishing her dance studies Sara officially started her career teaching ballet, and has continued ever since. After her studies Sara went on to dance professionally in America in both contemporary and classical ballet companies, enjoying the experience of dancing in original and classical ballets, working with professionals in the field and continuously gaining knowledge through her own career and experience. Sara has attended several dance and teaching conventions which has allowed her to experience many different dance styles, as well as teaching styles. 

As a Dance Teacher, Sara feels that it is important for her students to feel confident, motivated and inspired at all times and that they are in an environment they feel safe in. Sara wants to see her students succeed, be proud of their accomplishments and enjoy all of the hard work and dedication they put into dance.

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