Classical ballet in English a Roma

Why should I learn to dance?



Regularly practicing dance with an instructor who believes in you and encourages your growth can aid in developing confidence in both yourself and your body.


When you practice something as rigorous and demanding as dance, you gain a new sense of appreciation for yourself and your body, and all of which you are capable.


Dancing offers an opportunity for expression of your feelings, from joy to frustration. This type of expression can't be taken for granted. Dance can be incredibly therapeutic and cathartic for all ages and levels

Our Lessons


From absolute beginner to seasoned dancers, there are classes designed for you. It is never too late or too start a new passion or reignite an old one. 


Children's lessons are focused on creating a strong technical foundation and are full of fun and encouragement so that each child feels motivated to be their best.

On July 1st you can contact the studio and find out how to hold your child's place in classes this autumn! Email the studio for full details on how to hold your space!


We will get you on your toes!

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